Hey, I'm Marco.

Real pic of me ->
Transience - A Physics game written in Clojurescript Divergence - travel. A game about time

Here are some silly games

Here is my Signal Fingerprint / Ethereum

05 9d f6 02 e6 d8 71 22 ba
f8 25 40 c7 cf 1a 65 43 3f
5f 8f 1c b2 6a 56 5b 03 0e
03 c8 7e 0d cb 4c

Ethereum: 0x2a728E9394e32F7C411c766656996F85E98D99FE
Zcash: t1JWdq47EjVbj5JCCrEzqJqh9MxSPYU7LEn
An Intro to Functional Reactive Programming in UIs Servant, a Clojurescript library for using web workers

Here are some stuff I've written